Project Parade’s End: want to join us?


Hey internet, want to read Ford Madox Ford’s great modernist world war I / war of the sexes novel — or rather, tetralogy — together over the internet? We’re doing it, and we’d love for you to join in if the idea appeals to you.

Here are some details about our project / internet reading group:

  • What exactly are we doing? Reading and discussing the books, and also thinking about how they interact with the BBC’s 2012 adaption.
  • How can you join up? First, get the book and start reading! It’s available here for free. Then, either drop us a line, letting us know you’d like to be involved, reblog this post to give us a signal boost while letting us know you’re into it, or just post something to your own tumblr and tag the post with “project parade’s end” so we can track it / reblog it.
  • What’s going to happen next? Well, within the next week, we will start posting questions / discussion topics / thoughts about the novel as we read it, and hope to get some discussion going. If you feel inspired to contribute, you are warmly invited to do so!

One final note: two of us are coming at this after having seen and been completely floored by the recent BBC adaptation, and by Benedict Cumberbatch’s rather amazing turn as Christopher Tietjens, while one of us has not seen it, and is coming at the novel fresh and virtuously untouched by all that. What I mean to say is this: both perspectives are very welcome here.

If you are interested in reading this novel with us, we want you to know that there is is room for serious book-talk, and room to express how besotted you might justifiably be by the mini-series with relation to the book, or even just to wax lyrical over the amazing way the characters in the book were brought to life by actors and actresses who are easy on the eyes. Either approach is valued, and to be perfectly clear, we love to talk seriously about stories, but we also do not look down our noses at fangirl (or boy) squee.

So… that’s it! I do hope some of you will want to play. Nudge, nudge!

Something fun!